How soon can I open? How long does the process take?

Answer: You can open your franchise in as little as 3 months.

What is the investment required?

Answer: Low cost franchise starting at $114,500 to $248,500 (including franchise fee, start-up expenses, and working capital) * Please see the Franchise Disclosure Document for full details. Amounts and details may vary based on situation.

What are the royalty and advertising fees?

Answer: 6% royalty. 1%-2.5% national advertising fee.

Can I own more than one unit? And how can I be assured of future locations?

Answer: Yes… the only way to secure a future location is to buy it 🙂

How many employees does it take to operate a unit?

Answer: To start, the franchisee as an owner-operator and 1 installer. In some cases, the franchisee may also decide to hire a sales or marketing manager.

What are the requirements for an operating partner?

Answer: An operating partner will also need to be approved by Five Star Bath Solutions.

Do I have to live in the same market where I operate my franchise(s)?

Answer: Typically, yes. Most of our owners are owner-operators.

What support will I receive going forward?

Answer: We provide marketing, sales, operations and vendor management support.

Can I talk to some of your franchisees?

Answer: Yes, eventually we can put you in-contact with current franchisees.

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