5 of the Most Satisfying Industries You can Work In

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Everybody wants a job that will give them a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction while paying the bills and covering a little bit extra. But finding the right job seems hard to do. Some people spend years in school, studying the subject they think is perfect for them, only to find out that they can’t spend a week doing it in the field, let alone the rest of their lives.

While there’s no guarantee you’ll love every job you have, there are some things you can do to help yourself find a job you enjoy. From personality tests to internships there are a number of ways to get ideas on what jobs are a good fit for you, but did you know that certain jobs are rated more satisfying than other? Here are five of the most satisfying industries you can work in.

      Real estate. Perhaps it’s the opportunity to meet a lot of people and help them find their dream home that makes real estate such a satisfying industry to work in. Whatever it is, those who love it most seem to do it well.
      Quality assurance and regulatory affairs. This seems like it would be an industry best suited for those who like rules and regulations, but nonetheless, it’s one that those who go into fields in the industry find great satisfaction in.
      Health care. Whether doctors or nurses, or medical office receptionists, working in health care brings a lot of satisfaction. Although there may be days that are difficult and carry sadness, the ability to help people feel better outweighs the hard days.
      Education. It’s said that children are the future, so what better way to make a difference than building up their brains with information that will help them develop into the leaders that we’ll need? Although the education industry may be trying from time to time, the satisfaction that comes from making a difference helps make up for it.
      The service industry. The service industry covers a wide range of jobs, one of the most satisfying being the bathroom remodeling business. The satisfaction that comes from helping remodel rooms from what they were to what clients dream they’ll be is something that can’t easily be described.

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