The Benefits of Owning a Service Franchise

Five Star Bath Solutions Franchise

The goal of owning your business is now, more than ever, more than just a dream. It is a real option, thanks to better information and consumer trust, to own a franchise- specifically, service franchises.

What exactly is a service franchise? It’s all in the name, really. A service franchise provides services to individuals, companies, or organizations. Service franchises do not rely on customers to buy products. Instead, service franchises work with customers directly on-site. For example: cleaning services, contractors, and healthcare providers. A homeowner needing a repair at home or a business who needs an in-house bathroom remodel. Services are always in consistent demand. Fun fact: service-oriented businesses supply 60% of the world economy.

Service franchises offer unique advantages compared to other types of franchises.

Loyal Customers: Providing quality service generates trust and lifelong customers.

Organic Word of Mouth Marketing: Services fulfill a customer’s needs, which builds rapport and reputation within a community. Word of mouth is an excellent means to acquiring new business without spending marketing dollars.

Low Operating Cost: Speaking of saving money, because office space is a huge expense service franchises keep costs low when they primarily meet customers on-site! As a result office space is most often unnecessary. (You may be able to operate solely from home!) It can also be very stressful to find and secure the proper business space.

Moderate Start-up Expenses: Starting a business usually means a large capital upfront investment. Keeping marketing and real estate expenses low means you have a head start from the get-go! Service franchises forego the added pain of high costs and thus improve your projection to profitability.

Training: Service franchises offer a “hands on”, established business opportunity for you to begin today. Learn new business skills that intrigue you!

With this in mind, service franchises connect you to a pathway of rewarding, profitable, and educational business ownership. It is the start of personal growth and profitability. Becoming a first-time business owner is a dream come true but risky. It is hard work, takes vision, and sacrifice, but as a service franchisee, you have the opportunity to mitigate risk, receive support from the franchise and build wealth!

We, at Five Star Bath Solutions, provide you with many more benefits. To learn more about our franchising opportunities, contact us at 888-344-0828 or fill out our contact form.