Why Own Your Own Business?

The decision to own your own business is not one to be taken lightly. Reasons for owning a business will be individual for each person. However, there are a few perks you might not have considered.

Why own your own business

You Are the Boss

If you have ever had a less than desirable boss, you know what kind of a boss you’d like to be. As the owner of your own business, not only are you your own boss, you have an opportunity to be the kind of boss to other people, that you would have liked to have for yourself.

Set Your Own Hours

Speaking with one of our Franchise owners, he said that he loves being a business owner because he can set hours that work with his natural rhythm. He emphasized that working late into the night worked better for him, while an 8-5 job was tough for him to handle. This also means you can work as hard as you want, when you want. In turn, you can decide when to take time off when you are ready for a break.

Create the Work Environment

Companies are defined, at least in part, by the culture of the company. You have a huge impact on that culture. If you are underhanded and deceitful, your behavior will be passed on to the rest of the company. If you are upbeat, positive, and a good leader, your positivity will encourage your employees to do the same. You can have both a fun and a productive environment in your company because you , as the owner, set the tone and create the culture.

Select Your Team

A big perk of owning a business is the fact that you choose who you work with. You can hire whomever you choose. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the say in who you spend eight hours a day working with? Selecting individuals to hire is more than just about who you work with, it’s about who you feel will be of greatest benefit to the team. Who will be the greatest asset in your company. This makes the job of selecting team members a personal quest you take pride in doing. It’s your business, you call the shots.

Tax Perks

Being a business owner has some nice perks during tax season. Some write offs, business owners can apply to their taxes, include partial car payment, phone bills, travel, and food. There are more write offs beyond the ones mentioned here. Be responsible about what you choose to write off. Have a professional accountant help you determine what your business qualifies for.

Peace of Mind

If you own a business, you know exactly how your business is doing. You also know your position in the company is secure. Working for someone else is essentially trading time from your life for money. When you are finished with that job, for whatever reason, all you have left is whatever money you saved and the experience you can add to your resume. By owning your own business, the time you spend working for yourself is an investment in your future.

Feed Your Passion

Becoming your own boss means you can do what you are passionate about. Imagine waking up every day excited to get started on your work at the office. By starting a business, you are already the most invested and motivated person in the company. This is your investment, and its more than money you are investing. Because of this, you are motivated to work hard no matter what. At the end of the day, although you may be exhausted, you will feel super satisfied with your accomplishments. That’s not usually a feeling you get working for someone else.

You Call the Shots

One thing about business that happens time and again, is conflict. It can be super frustrating to see something you are passionate about being mismanaged. If you own the business, you make the final decision. If you hire the right people, you can trust them to make the best decisions on your behalf and to come to you with the decisions you need to make yourself.

Pass it On

With all the success you have with your business you can pass on that success to the charity of your choice. Not only that, but with the right know-how you have an opportunity to pull together the community to unite in a worthy cause to help those less fortunate.

Build a Legacy

One of the biggest differences between working for someone else and building your own company, you are creating something you can pass on to your posterity. This could potentially become something you pass on to your children or grandchildren. That’s something to take pride in.

Consider a Franchise Business

If you are thinking about going into business for yourself, consider buying a franchise. A franchise will take some of the guessing out of business ownership and you will be backed by a team of professionals that will help you get on your feet and stay there. Not all franchises are made equal. Take time to find the right fit for you. Do some research and determine of you are looking at a good franchise. If you are not sure what qualifies as a good franchise, take a look at this article “What Makes a Great Franchise?” for some helpful pointers.

About the Bath Solutions Franchise

Five Star Bath Solutions™ is a network of bath and shower renovation specialists. With franchise locations throughout North America, the Five Star Bath Solutions franchise system provides a home-based business opportunity in the home remodeling industry for aspiring entrepreneurs. For more information about our franchise opportunities please visit us online at: www.bathsolutionsfranchising.com or call us directly at 888.344.0828